QOSA Property Management Co., Ltd

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QOSA Property Management Co., Ltd

Founded on October 9, 2005, with a registered capital of 500,000 RMB, QOSA Property Management Co., Ltd is an establishment that offers comprehensive and professional property management services, including security, building cleaning, building equipment maintenance and repairs (elevators, air conditioning, and power utility), office renting, and housekeeping. The company consists of well-educated employees, over 50% of whom are college graduates. There’re more than 50 professionals and technicians in various fields, and all the employees have completed training courses in their specialties. Having undergone substantial development for the past few years, the company has established and improved a well-regulated, scientifically sound management system, and acquired a Third Grade Property Management Qualification Certificate from the Housing  & Construction Bureau of Quanzhou City.

In the mean time, the company has taken initiatives to expand its business. In October 2008, the company secured a contract for the property management of Quanzhou Maritime Building; in January 2011, the company won the bid for the property management of Quanzhou Customs Building and Xiaocuo Customs Building, and in April 2012, it successfully extended its property management business to various office buildings, including Quanzhou Maritime Patrol Base and its office building, Quanzhou Oil Spill Emergency Response Equipment Warehouse and its office building, Quangang Maritime Office Building, and Nanan Maritime Office building, with a total building area exceeding 60,000 square meters.

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