QOSA Customs & CIQ Brokerage Co., Ltd

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QOSA Customs & CIQ Brokerage Co., Ltd 

QOSA Customs & CIQ Brokerage Co., Ltd was established by Quanzhou Ocean Shipping Agency in 1994, registered in and approved by China Customs House and China Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau (CIQ). It is specialized in customs and CIQ declaration for import and export cargoes. It is also a member of Xiamen Customs Brokers Association and Fijian Provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (FIQA).

With a registered capital of the company of 1.6 million and a team of qualified customs brokers and CIQ brokers, the company provides customs and CIQ declaration brokerage services for export & import merchandises and related customs service in Quanzhou and Xiamen. With the integration of customs brokerage and CIQ brokerage, the company set up branches of customs and CIQ broker’s offices in Quanzhou, Shishi, Export Processing Zone and Jinjiang. With the expansion of business in recent years, the service network has spread from Quazhou to Putian, Xiamen and other provincial ports. Meanwhile we respectively have established Xiamen Joint Win Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd and Putian Joint Win Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd to provide professional custom and CIQ declaration service in Xiamen and Putian. Clients can choose any competent customs to make declaration and go through the formalities of document-checking and duty-paying, and then finish the cargo-examination and cargo-release at the customs office of entry or exit.

Since its establishment, QOSA Customs & CIQ Brokerage Co., Ltd has accumulated considerable experiences in this field and enjoyed great recognition and applauds from port authorities and customers.

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